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Merge Purge Software – An Innovative Approach to Standardize Lists

Merge Purge Software – An Innovative Approach to Standardize Lists

The success of any business primarily depends on how well you market your brand. But, who do you market it to and how? The marketing cell of a company collects all the customer data they deal with on a daily basis and saves them in the company database.

The customer details include the customer name, address with zip code, phone numbers, email address, and/or social security number (wherever applicable).

The two very important details include the phone numbers and the email addresses using which the company promotes its services further to these customers. They use either phone or email marketing. However, all other details are equally important for closing a sale.

Now, the problem arises when there are duplicate lists, errors in the details, unwanted records. There’s a high probability that the phone number is outdated or has formatting issues, the email address, or the customer has moved to a new address and the records are not yet updated.

Correcting such huge databases manually is close to impossible, and that’s when you need a Merge Purge software to clean the database.

How Does Merge Purge Help?

Merge-Purge software is designed to search for all records across and within data sources that point to the same entity, or in our case, the same customer.

Merge Purge Software

As the name says, the software then merges these records to bring together different pieces of data that relate to a customer into a single, “golden” records. The duplicates are then purged, and business analytics, sales, and marketing now use the “golden” record to conduct activities.

What are the Direct Benefits of Using a Merge Purge Software?

One of the biggest advantages of using a Merge Purge software is that it cuts down your manual efforts and as a result saves a lot of your time. Of course, among its other major advantages would be:

Improve the customer data accuracy in your database whether it belongs to a business or consumer, locally or internationally.

As the duplicate postal addresses are eliminated, it automatically saves your marketing postage costs for mailing.

The clean up of your database naturally increases the overall productivity of individuals and businesses.

Has the ability to match data across different source systems such as Access, Excel, Text files generated from CRM or outlook systems.

As a bonus – it also improves the company reputation as the software cleanses any duplicate data from the records, corrects the name and addresses, and standardizes the styles as well.

Best of all, these tools are user-friendly and inexpensive.

Growth of business has been always dependant on marketing for which they need a customer database with mailing lists. The databases consisted of the customer’s name, address, phone number, and other data.

 These details helped the companies to gain new customers and grow their business. There was a time when companies would use direct mail for their brand promotion and they obtained these lists from 3rd party companies, also known as list brokers.

It was a flourishing industry back then when 3rd party vendors would collate consumer details, compile them, and rent or sell them to direct marketing companies, retailers, etc.

Although this trend continues these days, companies are also storing any existing customer data for future use, upselling for instance. As marketing goes, they maintain a customer relationship using these details to ensure that customers provide more business in the future.

These are the mailing lists in addition to what they purchase from the 3rd party companies for new customers. This causes piling up of huge data of numerous customers causing confusion later. How?

There are high chances that the new data purchased may collide with the already existing data. For instance, the mailing lists may already include some customer details that are present in your company database. This creates duplicate entries that are challenging to filter manually.

It can also be possible that the customer name matches in both the data, but their phone number/address have changed which needs to be updated, merged, and create a single customer view with the correct details.

Alternatively, the new data may have a correct phone number for the customer, but the last name may vary, or the address (for example – house number/zip code) is incorrect. So, that’s an error which needs to be fixed and the data needs to be merged.

You may notice that there are some customer details which are totally incorrect in your existing database and is of no use. These are redundant data that need to be removed to clear space.

Chances are that the customer now prefers to be contacted via email, instead of mailing address or phone number. In such cases, you would need to make sure that you keep the email addresses updated.

Moreover, you can also detect those customers who are present in different lists. This means, that these customers are more responsive than those who are completely new. This is because their presence in different lists may well be due to the fact that they have frequently transacted with different companies for business. 

There can be umpteen possibilities where you may need to remove duplicate entries, organize details and create a single customer view, or remove junk and redundant data. This is because piling up unwanted junk will not only slow down your computer but will also affect the efficiency of the business.

However, managing these manually is not just time-consuming, but also lowers the overall productivity of the individual working on it and of course of the company in whole.

Here, you would need the assistance of an efficient and reliable Merge Purge software that will ensure that you save time, and money, while boosting the overall productivity.

Also, removing the waste regularly will help you avoid sending duplicate mail to the same customer, damaging brand reputation and customer experience. So, to maintain customer satisfaction and for the consistent growth of your business, make sure that you invest in a high-quality Merge Purge software from a trusted company.

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