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List Of  7 Abilities That Make Up Human Skills

List Of 7 Abilities That Make Up Human Skills

It is stated that “human skill” is a skill that is required by human resources at any level. If you are a full-time employee who is expected to become a company employee, identifying human skills is very important to determine whether you can improve your career in the future or whether you will be active at any level for a long time. For more information, you can check at

When subdividing “human skills”, it can be divided into 7 abilities. 

List of Human Skills! Divided into 7 skills

When subdividing human skills, there are specifically seven skills.

Communication skills

Hearing power

Negotiating power

Presentation skills

Motivation (working power)



1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are the ability to build and maintain human relationships without stress and are the fundamental skills of human skills.

It is also a scene where “communication skills” are demonstrated to be able to relax the place by going to the office to greet colleagues and bosses, or to chat casually.

It’s important to note that communication is not just about “actively engaging with others.” Some people do not want to talk wastefully, so the ability to communicate appropriately after understanding each person’s personality is the true ability to communicate.

2. Hearing Power

You can’t create a good relationship just by actively speaking and engaging with others. It is important to listen carefully to the other person’s words to understand not only yourself but also the other person and express his will to understand.

At the meeting, team members of different personalities give different opinions and sometimes lead to complex discussions. For members who have a good idea but are not good at verbalizing what they are thinking, it ’s not just “simply understand!” The ability to unravel things is also an important hearing ability.

3. Negotiating Power

Negotiation skills are important for negotiations and communication between departments within the company. For both parties to discuss, this is the ability necessary to create a “win-win” relationship. You have to read what the other party wants to tell you, and how to talk about it, and where to drop it.

4. Presentation Skills

Presentation ability is the ability to communicate your intentions to communicate with business negotiations and internal organizations.

This is related to the ability to negotiate, but it is the ability necessary to accurately and simply state the purpose, merits, and demerits in communicating your opinions to the other party. It is useful not only for sales positions but also for communication with other employees, so it can be said that it is a highly practical ability in human skills.

5. Motivation (Working Power)

Motivation (working ability) is an ability that is exhibited mainly when performing management such as younger education. For example, in the case of a new employee’s work review (feedback), instead of emotionally saying “Do it properly!” Without thinking, 

The more motivated (the ability to work) is, the more a person who can support the clear set of goals for young people and newcomers.

6. Improvement

Aspiration is characterized by being completed within an individual within human skills. There is also an aspect of self-management ability that allows you to objectively understand your market value and set quantitative and qualitative goals.

By entrusting management to a highly motivated human resource, you can give a good stimulus to the surroundings, such as “show on the back”.

7. Leadership

Leadership can be said to be an ability that integrates the previous six abilities. Furthermore, you need to be determined and have a strong sense of responsibility.

It is also important to be able to pay close attention to the work and mental aspects of the members for the success of the project.

Management Skills

Management Skills

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