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E-Commerce Marketing Software to Grow Your Business Successfully
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E-Commerce Marketing Software to Grow Your Business Successfully


Are you amongst those individuals wondering how to start a business online, and also the ones who don’t know the easiest and most efficient way of tracking the growth of this online retail? Worry no more!

In this guide, you’ll get tips on the best e-commerce marketing software designed to help you in achieving your goals.

We will cover the definition for e-commerce marketing software, types of e-commerce marketing software, features of e-commerce marketing software, advantages of e-commerce software, and then the best e-commerce marketing software to grow your business successfully.

Let’s start!

1. What is E-Commerce Marketing Software?

E-Commerce marketing software is an essential tool involved in driving any online store process, adding or removing products, helping owners in managing inventory, processing payments, computing taxes and fulfilling orders, and many more tasks.

An E-Commerce marketing software provides all vital things needed in running a retail website, hence simplifying online store management.

2. Types of E-commerce Marketing Software

There are two primary types of E-commerce marketing software. They include:


On-premise is an e-commerce marketing software installed on a computer or local server and managed on-site by a team involved in handling manual updates, fixing problems, and doing general troubleshooting.

Some time back, online sellers preferred on-premise solutions since they enhanced a wide range of hands-on management as compared to the case of hosted solutions.

Hosted Solution

Hosted e-commerce software is the hands-off option that enhances automatic or one-click integrations of patches, updates, and newly released features. This software has recorded dramatic evolutions for some time now, allowing a wide range of flexibility and customization.

As a result, hosted e-commerce software has emerged to be the best solution for several online retailers. Other than this, retailers can launch SaaS (Software as a Service) Software quickly, and most online retailers can afford its packages.

3. Features of E-Commerce Marketing Software

An e-commerce software comes with a wide range of features which facilitates its functions responsible for streamlining and supporting various aspects related to online selling. They include:


An e-commerce marketing software features an automated checkout process to give the customers an instant idea related to the amount they need to pay on the selected items. This process entails the accurate computation of shipping rates, handling costs, taxes, and pricing.

Website Builder

For those running a business without an existing website, an e-commerce marketing software can help them come up with one from the ground up.

With the e-commerce marketing software, you’ll get design templates essential in creating a professional-looking website as per your needs without going for the commercial designers.

Central Database

With e-commerce marketing software, you’ll get a centralized location that enhances easy storing, access, and retrieval of the information related to your product, accounting transactions, customer data, browsing histories, payment, and shipping status, and product listings.

Search Function

Sophisticated search functions are the best options for any shopper since they make it easy to find the desired products or items. With e-commerce marketing software, you can list, categorize, and even update new products together with pictures, feature lists, and descriptions.


Nowadays, you can use most of the e-commerce marketing software to integrate with a wide range of third-party platforms and services and business apps to allow you to manage various tasks such as payment processing, order fulfillment, email marketing, and accounting within a single system.

Marketing Tools

With e-commerce marketing software, you can enhance marketing, branding, and promotion for your website. Here, you can make full utilization of a wide range of tools to come up with SEO optimization strategies, targeted campaigns, and image or branding reinforcement.

Analytics And Reporting

E-commerce marketing software is essential in analyzing and identifying trends and patterns affecting the buying habits of customers, giving you stats and insights related to customer demographics, click streams, and keywords.

4. Advantages of E-Commerce Marketing Software

The easiest way to start your online business

Are you still wondering how to start a business online? Worry no more! E-commerce marketing software is the best solution for everything. Most of the e-commerce marketing software features online store builders that have an assortment of themes and pre-built templates essential in building your store quickly.

To keep your store open 24/7

By using e-commerce marketing software, you’ll keep your online store open 24/7.

Ability to sell anytime and anywhere

With e-commerce marketing software, you can trade anytime and to any person within the world.

Allows you to save resources, time, and money

Making monthly payments for a cheap e-commerce marketing platform that takes care of your online retail store maximize profits and reduce expenses.

Leads to more selling

With e-commerce marketing software, you’ll sell more, and get huge returns at minimum investment.

A secure form of payment and shipping

E-commerce marketing software comes with a payment gateway service or built-in feature, which allows secured and safe online transactions.

Examples of E-commerce Marketing Software to Grow Your Business Successfully

Below is an overview of e-commerce marketing software you can use to make your marketing campaigns and website more effective:

Website Optimization E-commerce Marketing Software



This software is the best option for reducing the size of your image files while keeping the original quality.

2. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is essential in optimizing your website by identifying your website parts, making the pages to load slower.

3. PageSpeed Insights

This tool is the best option for analyzing the information of your online retail store and giving essential tips on how to make this website faster in mobile and desktop view.


It helps you to determine your potential visitors and the part of your website that disturbs them.

5. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

This tool tells you if you have a mobile-friendly website or not. For a mobile-unfriendly site, the software will give you a lot of suggestions on how to solve this error.

SEO E-Commerce Marketing Software


6. Google Keyword Planner

With this software, you can determine the number of times visitors have searched for the keywords and the popularity of the related keywords.

7. Open Site Explorer

This software allows you to research anchor texts and backlinks, discover potentially damaging links, and find link-building opportunities.

8. Google Trends

With this software, you can get extra information that Keyword Planner software doesn’t provide.

9. SEO Site Checkup

This software is essential in running a detailed SEO analysis on your site.

Analytics E-commerce Marketing Software


10. Google Analytics

Google analytics allows you to get a clear picture related to the progress of your online store and the number of times visitors visit your site.

11. Google URL Builder

With Google URL builder, you can add critical parameters to URLs you’re using in your email ad or web-based campaigns.

12. Bitly

Bitly allows you to create shortened links with less hassle and then check their performance on the user interface of Bitly.

13. allows your potential customers and segment them as per different rules.

14. Conversific

With software, you can determine the marketing channel that enhances the best conversion rate, the products to improve, and your potential customers.

Research E-commerce Marketing Software


15. Survey Monkey

With this software, you can create surveys, essential in finding the view of your potential customers in terms of your ideas or products.

16. User Report

User report allows you to create questionnaires with less hassle.

17. Alexa Traffic Rank Toolbar

This software enables you to get information related to the current website you have visited.

18. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb allows you to get tips on the methods used by your competitors to generate traffic on their sites.

19. MozBar

With MozBar, you can analyze the website of your competitors.

20. Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you’ll get a notification whenever a person mentions you on the internet.

Customer Relationship Management E-commerce Marketing Software


21. MailChimp

It features a wide range of built-in templates for an autoresponder or email campaign.

22. StoreYa Best Contact Form

This software allows you to add a contact form to your site where the visitors will leave a message.

23. 123ContactForms

With this software, you can design contact forms, create questionnaires, order forms, and even registration forms.

24. Zopim Live Chat

It is essential for making your site user-friendly and reliable.

Content Marketing E-commerce Marketing Software


25. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo allows you to find the most popular content on the website.

26. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

With this software, you’ll get the best topic for a piece of content you want to publish.

Social Media E-commerce Marketing Software


27. Buffer

Buffer is essential for posting to your social media sites.

28. Hootsuite

It is the best option for managing Google + accounts, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter with one platform.

29. Cyfe

Cyfe allows you to follow your social media indicator with one platform.


With this software, you can re-post the most critical content from other blogs directly on your social media accounts using their RSS feed.


Hope now you know how to start a business online and the efficient ways of tracking its growth? Hesitate no more! With the above e-commerce marketing software, you’ll have an efficient way on how you can make adverse improvements for free and the best ways of spending your time.

The above e-commerce marketing software site is the best option for analyzing traffic to your website, gathering feedback, creating content to share on your social media accounts, checking your reputation, and sending emails.

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